Lasting powers of attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney help people to plan for the future by appointing someone they have chosen, to make decisions for them and look after their affairs if they are no longer able to do so.  See comments from our clients here.

A Lasting Power of Attorney sets out:

There are two types of Power of Attorney – you can make one or both of these:

Lasting Powers are made for a wide range of reasons.  They are an easy and cost-effective way of making sure that your wishes about your money and property, or any religious or cultural beliefs are respected. 

Because they are set up in advance of capacity problems they  help to prevent family conflict, and minimise the pressure your loved ones may feel if you lose the ability to take decisions for yourself. 

In those circumstances you may also want to consider recording your Advance decisions about medical treatment and you must ensure these are consistent with your Health and Care LPA.

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