What do we charge for Probate and Estate Administration?

How much do we charge?

Typical hourly rates (excluding VAT which is charged at 20%) are:

 Director £350 

Hugh Jones, Charlotte Crawford

 Senior Associate Solicitor  £325 

Tania McGrory, Fiona Ludkin

 Solicitor £240 - £255

Samantha Brocklehurst, Lashay Williams, Emma Hanvere

 Trainee Solicitor and Paralegal £160 - £175

Georgia Contos, Olivia Hudson

 Administrator £100


Your case will be looked after by one of the team named above and supervised by one of the Directors or Senior Associates named above - you'll be provided with the details and charging rates of your team at the beginning of our work for you.

We’re committed to ensuring that our fees are transparent.  Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge a “value element” so you only pay for the work that you ask us to do.  We are happy to agree a fixed fee, or to work to a fee budget: please call us for more information.

Probate Grant only service

This may suit simple estates where the personal representatives are willing to be responsible for dealing with all the assets and liabilities of the estate themselves, and where a detailed inheritance tax return is not needed.  Hugh Jones Solicitors will draft the necessary paperwork using information that the personal representatives supply for a fixed fee of £1,000 plus VAT at 20%, a total of £1,200. Our timescale for these is usually around 6-9 months depending upon how quickly we are provided with the information, and delays outside of our control with the Probate Service.

Please call us if you would like to discuss a fixed fee ‘Grant only’ option for a more complex estate.

Full administration

The fees for dealing with the full administration of the estate will vary depending on the terms of the Will (if any), the size and complexity of the estate and the type of assets involved.

The timescale for full administration depends upon the complexity of the estate but an average timescale for the first example above is 9 to 12 months. If there are properties or investments to sell or a dispute arises then this can increase the timescale involved.

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