Our mediator

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Jenny Roberts is a solicitor and a Director in our Court of Protection team.  She is a fully accredited mediator by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.  CEDR is one of the most widely recognised internal standards of accreditation so you may be assured of Jenny’s professional standing and expertise as a mediator.

Jenny has many years’ experience in all aspects of property and affairs mental capacity work, such as statutory wills, contested issues and applications.

Having trained as a mediator with a background in mental capacity, Jenny is uniquely placed to mediate Court of Protection issues, particularly family disputes surrounding finance and property issues.

Through her work with vulnerable clients and deputyships, Jenny has the experience to understand the problems which face families and local authorities in managing these issues and Jenny has chosen to train as a mediator to help with disputes. Jenny is involved in Dementia Action Alliance and is a Dementia Champion. She regularly gives talks to groups affected by Dementia and is committed to helping vulnerable clients.

Contact Jenny for more information about the potential of mediation, She can talk to you about how mediation would work for you, your family and/or  client and provide full details as to the process, timescale and costs involved.