Jennifer Roberts

Jenny is a Director and solicitor with years of experience in all aspects of mental capacity work. She is regularly involved in Court of Protection applications for statutory wills, gift applications and contested deputyship applications. She has also been involved in welfare applications.  

As a Director of the Hugh Jones Trust Corporation, she acts as Deputy for clients who have lost capacity including the elderly, children and adults who have suffered maximum severity brain injury / brain damage due to medical negligence or catastrophic injury.

Mediation in Court of Protection disputes

Jenny is a CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) accredited mediator.  CEDR is one of the most widely recognised international standards of accreditation.

A mediator is a neutral party who helps to facilitate communication between parties in dispute and avoids the costs and stress of litigation.

Jenny will mediate in Court of Protection disputes which may arise when parties (family members, social services or other agencies) who are involved with a person who lacks capacity, disagree with each other on decisions regarding that person’s care and/or finances.

Professional deputyship work

Jenny helps to manage the deputyship of many vulnerable clients who have lost capacity, to deal with their own property and financial affairs. She works with clients ranging from young children with cerebral palsy to elderly clients with dementia. Jenny works hard to build relationships with her clients and their families.

When assisting her clients, Jenny works with a number of professionals including occupational therapists, carers, case managers, medical professionals, investment companies and architects to ensure that her clients are getting the best expertise.

Jenny is involved in the Dementia Action Alliance movement and has trained to become a Dementia Champion.  This has enabled her to train other members of the firm to become Dementia Friends and she is often invited to give talks to groups affected by Dementia on Lasting Powers of Attorney and Deputyships.

Jennifer Roberts
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