Professional Deputyship

A professional Deputy is appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the affairs of people who have lost the capacity to do this for themselves. Professional deputies are usually required when there isn't a family member available or able to undertake the role. Read our clients comment here

We have a large team of solicitors, supported by experienced staff who look after our clients' financial affairs, properties and home support workers, dealing with all aspects of the necessary administrative and legal work.  Our team is hand-picked for their caring and expert understanding of the needs of clients and their families. We keep in regular contact with the client, families, carers and care professionals including home visits. 

We work within the framework of the Mental Capacity Act, to ensure that Clients who lack capacity are empowered to make as many decisions for themselves as possible and that any decision made on their behalf is in their best interests. 

Our services for Clients can include: 

Our professional Deputy work is often referred to us from other law firms, whose clients have personal injury or medical negligence claims on-going or concluded. We will liaise regularly with the referring firms where litigation is not yet settled to provide support, information and interim payment management. 

Please contact us on 0161 871 3680 or email Head of Department Chris Gallagher for a free initial discussion with a specialist in our team