Feedback from the firm's recent OPG Assurance Visit

08 April 2024

As a Court of Protection firm, a crucial part of our service to clients is acting as a professional Deputy to manage the affairs of those who have lost the capacity to do this for themselves. The Court of Protection appoints professional deputies, usually required when a family member isn't available or able to undertake the role.

At Hugh Jones Solicitors, we have a large team of experienced staff who look after our clients' financial affairs, properties and home support workers, dealing with all aspects of the necessary administrative and legal work.  Our team is hand-picked for their caring and expert understanding of the needs of clients and their families. We keep in regular contact with the client, families, carers and care professionals, including home visits. 

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is responsible for maintaining a register of attorneys, deputies, and guardians and monitoring their actions on behalf of clients. A vital part of this responsibility is to carry out assurance visits, which the OPG uses to supervise and support Professional and Public Authority deputies. Assurance visits look at specific client cases selected for review and also at how a deputy ensures the proper management and administration of their deputyship caseload.

At our most recent visit, we received the following positive feedback:

Securing the client’s finances and assets

“You have demonstrated that you fully understand the procedures for securing the client’s finances and assets upon initial receipt of a deputyship order and for monitoring, maintaining, and reviewing each client's personal circumstances throughout the duration of the deputyship.”

Internal office processes and organisation

“From the case files selected for review, it was clearly evidenced that you maintained organised files and records and that tasks are delegated amongst staff members as appropriate, but for any significant decisions, the deputy is consulted with and makes the final decision.”

Gaining insight from the client to make decisions in their best interests

“It was demonstrated that you contact the relevant people to gain insight into the client’s wishes when making decisions in their best interests. These have included family, care home staff, case managers, joint and several lay deputies, etc. Regular visits are also made to your clients.”

Implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

“The visitor has advised us that the contents of the case files selected for review confirmed your responses regarding the 5 statutory principles of the Mental Capacity Act and that the principles are applied to your management of the deputyship cases.”

 Safeguarding & wellbeing

“No concerns were raised with regards to how your client’s safety and wellbeing were being monitored or with the actions you would take if there were any safeguarding concerns.”

Our firm is built on a strong set of values, developed when we launched to help us deliver a service that differs from the typical de-personalised, process-driven approach that is often charged at a premium rate.

Hugh Jones Solicitors works only in the fields of mental incapacity, Court of Protection, and Private Client, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest-quality advice. We’re committed to delivering excellence and putting our client’s best interests at the front and centre of what we do, and it’s imperative to us that the OPG recognises this.