Employment and HR Services for deputies and attorneys

Specialist HR Services 

Our team of HR professionals, deal with all aspects of the deputy’s duties as employer.  The team is led by Lucy Law and Anna Tonkinson, whose extensive experience in the care industry is invaluable to the deputy, our solicitor team and the families of our clients. 

We have achieved successful outcomes, including working collaboratively with case managers so that we avoid any doubling of work between professionals. This model has been working effectively for our own clients and now we are ready to extend our services externally. 

We provide HR services to those who directly employ care workers to look after someone at home:

We work flexibly and can provide whatever HR/employment services are needed – from  one-off pieces of advice, regular telephone support through to face to face management of more complex HR meetings and processes:

 Routine employment management

 Performance and conduct issues

One off issues

 Complete HR package 

For clients who require a more holistic, “hands on” approach, we offer a complete HR package.  This includes regular supervision of the care team from an employee relations perspective, which enables us to provide the employer with an overview of their team relations, and to identify any issues. Proactive management of staff preempts the impact of any potential issues whilst improving the employment relationship and very often the carers’ output impacting directly on the quality of support. 

Where a Case Manager is already in place, we simply work together and collaborate to ensure that when issues arise, the correct expert is the one undertaking the work which offers a more cost-effective service and solution for the client.

To learn more about our services please contact Lucy Law or Anna Tonkinson on Senior HR Managers or call us on 0161 870 3680