Why we are different

Hugh Jones Solicitors is only independent practice in the country, which specialises in the Court of Protection field, whilst fielding the largest team of qualified lawyers in this area of work.

The firm's experts are therefore uniquely placed to take a dispassionate view of the role of the professional deputy in high value personal injury and clinical negligence cases.  Our ethos is to put the protected party’s best interests at the centre of what we do, so that the deputy only assists in areas where the client lacks capacity to make his or her own decisions. 

Each witness statement is tailored to the facts and circumstances the protected party and our approach is the same, whether the source of instruction is Claimant or Defendant. The role of the deputy will be defined by the level of the protected party’s capacity. It is our view that Court of Protection costs should, wherever possible, be a consensus issue, not a matter of contention.