Kirsty Nickson

Kirsty joined the Court of Protection Team in June 2021. She initially worked within serious injury litigation which involved acting for those with an acquired brain injury. Kirsty was naturally drawn to Court of Protection work as a result, assisting those lacking financial capacity as a result of acquired brain injury to manage their affairs. Kirsty worked with clients, their families and professional team to improve their quality of life post accident; implementing case management, care/support teams, therapists and arranging for the purchase and adaptation of properties.

Kirsty worked in this role before diversifying to spend a number of years focusing solely on welfare related issues, also falling within the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection. This mainly involved close working with the client, their family and professional support network to explore and identify the most suitable care and accommodation options; often assisting clients with learning disability or a progressive cognitive decline condition. This breadth of experience allowed Kirsty to develop a compassionate understanding of the impact that cognitive impairment, in whatever form it transpires, has on the lives and relationships of those affected by issues concerning independent decision making and capacity.

Kirsty qualified as a solicitor in 2011 and for the past 13 years has specialised solely in Court of Protection work. Kirsty has a great deal of experience working with both clients and their families, assisting with the management of financial and property affairs and promoting independence.

Kirsty Nickson
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