Victoria Taylor

Vikki joined us as a Case Worker in May 2022, from a previous role where she had more than 20 years' experience working with vulnerable people and their families, including dealing with funeral plans, life insurance policies, debt plans, and money management; liaising with deputies, solicitors, and court of protection case workers to support client cases, Victoria used empathy and compassion to support each client.  She brings these skills with her to her new role with us as a Case Worker.

Our Case Workers are at the heart of our service to our professional Deputyship clients.  It is their role to provide advice and support to clients and their families on the end of a phone, by email or in person.  They make sure the that day to day management of the client's financial lives is looked after - from arranging mobile phones, to paying bills, insuring vehicles and properties or even helping with arranging holidays.  

Case Workers are often in very regular contact with clients and work as part of a team with a solicitor or executive on each professional deputyship matter, under the guidance of the Deputy.

Victoria Taylor
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