Community involvement

At Hugh Jones Solicitors, we work with vulnerable and incapacitated people and their families as our clients.  It is a fundamental to how we want our practice to work, that we get involved in helping, in the communities in which we also do our legal work.

Fundraising and sponsorship



We are proud to support Skiggle, a non-profit online community for individuals,carers and families seeking care-based essential items.

It was set up by the mum of a client of the firm, Christine Singleton whose eldest, Will, is profoundly disabled and is the inspiration behind Skiggle - read more here.

For the last few years our employees have chosen to support two local charities, both of whom do work with homelessness in the area, and which are supported by two members of the firm on a personal basis.  Funds raised and volunteering time is split between the two charities, Salford Loaves and Fishes and Coffee4Craig.

The Private Client team also works with


We encourage staff to become involved in volunteering work or pro bono work, in areas that are allied to our work as a firm and in areas that interest them.  Members of the firm participate in volunteering legal advice at Clinics, working with charities such as Making Space, Age UK, Alzheimer's UK and participating in Will Aid.

Pro bono work

We offer our time free, to help charities or individuals who cannot afford to pay for legal advice or to help them preserve their funds to spend on other things.

In addition to giving free initial advice, where funding is an issue but we feel that a case is of great importance, work for the client a pro bono basis.  

Free information

We regularly give talks to fellow professionals, particularly on the subject of the Mental Capacity Act. We also give talks to charities and their audiences about subjects important to them.

Environment and sustainability

We seek to minimise our impact on the environment in the following ways:

Dementia Awareness

Many of our clients live with dementia and, in order ensure we are giving those client’s the best experience, and to promote dementia awareness, we felt it vital to become involved in the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Action Alliance.  Since then we have:

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