Mediation and training


At Hugh Jones Solicitors we have two trained Mediators specialising in Court of Protection Mediation, based in Manchester although we are happy to travel throughout England and Wales to conduct mediations.  Georgina Rowley is a member of the Court of Protection mediation national working group and is now a panel mediator for the Court of Protection Mediation Pilot group. 

If you are considering mediation and would like to speak to one of our trained mediators, contact or telephone us on 0161 871 3680.

Mediation Training for Local Authorities

Our accredited mediators provide bespoke training courses to local authority clients on how to use mediation techniques to manage conflict in a social care setting. The course is run over one day and uses social care practice examples and role play to explore the  causes of conflict, common reasons why conflict escalates and how to avoid and resolve conflict. 

This course would be useful to staff members who have direct contact with service users and their managers. At the end of the course participants will have gained skills to enable them to identify conflict trigger points and to deal with conflict more effectively. It will give attendees an insight into conflict behaviours and the confidence to deal with difficult situations caused by unresolved conflict.

Please contact Georgina Rowley for more information about costs and content.

Mental Capacity Act Training

We provide in depth training on mental capacity law. Our interactive training courses are designed for people working within the health and social care sector and cover  the assessment of capacity and best interests, the powers of the Court of Protection, creating and challenging LPAs and advance decisions, deputyship and DoLS. Our training courses are run by our highly experienced and expert lawyers who illustrate how the law works in practice with case discussions and practical examples from their own experience. 

Please contact Georgina Rowley.

Other training courses

We are often approached to provide training and presentations about the Court of Protection, the role of the deputy, the Mental Capacity Act, making a will or a Lasting Power of Attorney by organisations including other law firms, Case Management Companies, Charities and other 3rd sector/voluntary groups and Local and public Authorities.

Please fee free to contact us if you feel this would benefit your organisation or group.


Registered with the Civil Mediation Council  


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