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01 March 2020

As a Court of Protection firm, we work closely with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) which helps people in England and Wales to stay in control of decisions about their health and finance and make important decisions for others who cannot decide for themselves.

A key part of this relationship are assurance visits, used by OPG as a means of supervising and supporting Professional and Public Authority deputies. These visits examine individual client cases that have been preselected for review and explore how a deputy ensures the proper management and administration of their deputyship caseload.

We were visited at the end of 2019 and received glowing feedback. The OPG stated that:

“The visitor was impressed and complimentary regarding your firm, the knowledge within the firm, your documentation and how you work with your clients always keeping their best interests in mind.” 

The report itself concluded with:

“The visitor found a level of commitment and professionalism greater than he has observed in any of the other professional Deputy firms which he has visited.  He was welcomed and treated with courtesy at all times. Far from any defensiveness, he found a great openness and willingness to discuss and share information freely. He described the firm as a learning organisation and a model for others.”

The feedback serves as a seal of approval that the effort the firm puts into client care and internal processes is meeting deputy standards, which set out what is expected of professional and public authority deputies.

2019 also saw the renewal of our Lexcel accreditation to indicate quality in relation to legal practice management standards. The accrediting body reported that Hugh Jones Solicitors “evidenced a clear and ongoing commitment to self-review and a culture of learning and reflection” and “produced a good body of very positive client feedback”.

Our firm is built on a strong set of values, developed when we launched to help us deliver a service that differs from the typical de-personalised, process-driven approach which often sees clients treated as a commodity and charged a premium rate.

We believe that if our staff feel appreciated, then they’ll treat our much valued clients in the same way by providing quality advice and support to society’s most vulnerable.