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19 March 2019

Hugh Jones Solicitors are specialist Wills and Probate Solicitors in Manchester.  We are insurance backed and regulated expert will writers and can write your will for as little as £150 + VAT

We agree a fixed fee with you in advance before you have any commitment to pay us and will store your will afterwards for free.

These cases studies show a range of prices depending on what you need:

Mrs Baker

Mrs Baker came to Hugh Jones Solicitors wanting to make a Will leaving everything to her favourite charities.

She also wanted to leave gifts of £500 to each of her nieces and nephews, and her jewellery to her goddaughter.

A basic Will typically costs around £150 + VAT

Mr and Mrs Humphreys

Mr and Mrs Humphreys wanted to make wills that were very similar: leaving everything to each other and then to their only daughter Jane, when the second of them passed away.  They also wanted to leave some money to two charities that they supported.

Basic Wills for a couple typically costs around £250 +VAT

Chris and David

Chris and David came to Hugh Jones Solicitors wanting to make Wills to make provision for their son Ben who has learning difficulties and who is unable to manage his own money.

They knew that it’s vital to have a Trust in their Wills so that Ben’s inheritance won’t stop him claiming the state benefits and care funding that he’s currently entitled to. 

Instead, they’d like Ben’s aunts and uncles to be able look after his inheritance for him.  Chris and David want to ensure that their money would be used to enable Ben to live comfortably and be able to access holidays, education, equipment and activities as he needed. 

A Trust Will can cost between £700 - £900 + VAT –PER COUPLE (equivalent to £350 –£ 450 + VAT per person)

Halima and Mohammed

Halima and Mohammed came to Hugh Jones Solicitors because they had heard that we could help them reduce the risk of their home needing to be sold to pay for residential care. 

They wanted to ensure that whilst the other of them was alive they would be able to remain living in the home for as long as they wished and would be able to access income from any savings needed to support themselves.  However they were also keen to make sure that as much as possible from their hard earned wealth was able to pass down to their children after their death.

A Care fee planning Will can cost between £700 - £900 + VAT –PER COUPLE (equivalent to £350 – £450 + VAT per person)


Helen came to Hugh Jones Solicitors because she knew that as a business owner she needed specialist advice to minimise her inheritance tax bill.  With assets overseas she wanted to make sure that she had done all she could to make sure that it was her family, and not the tax man, who benefitted most on her death.

A specialist tax-planning Will can cost from £750 + VAT per person

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