Advice to all our clients and potential clients

Are we able to draft wills for clients now that we are not able to meet with them face to face?


We always need to see new will clients so that we can make sure that there isn't a fraud taking place - someone who is stealing an identity.

We also have to make sure that the client has 'capacity' - sufficient knowledge and understanding to be able to make a will which again, can only be assessed by speaking to someone.

So, we will only be able to accept instructions to make a new will or amendments to a will for someone, if we have already met them face to face or we can meet them on a video call.  You will need to have photo ID (e.g., a passport or bus pass) that you can show us on the video link and scan in/forward to us.

I'm afraid that we are not able to prepare a will for someone unless you are able to do this - however we will be happy to discuss your circumstances with you.  Please call us on 0161 871 3680, to discuss further.